The Price of a Tractor

The Price of a TractorThe Price of a Tractor

The Price of a Tractor

To find a good tractor, the first considerations made are based on the nature of work the tractor is going to be performing. Tractors come in different sizes, the bigger a tractor is the more it will cost you. Farm tractors are relatively small and have less than 40 hp. Their industrial counterparts used to lift heavy loads are way bigger and more expensive to buy. When looking for a tractor to purchase, a buyer has to keep in mind the primary function that the tractor is intended for.

The age of a tractor is

The age of a tractor is a huge contributing factor to its final price, newer tractors will cost more as they bring more value. Used tractors are cheaper as they have been pre-owned, and their value has dropped. When buying a used tractor, a person has to keep an eye on the number of hours its engine has run. If you intend to buy a used tractor, bring a technical expert to evaluate the state of the tractor. A tractor that has too many hours under its belt will not give you value for your money as it is prone to constant breakdown.

Tractors are extremely complex machines with

Tractors are extremely complex machines with many bits and pieces needed to run the huge machinery. When buying a used tractor, a buyer has to factor in the cost of maintenance. If a buyer can handle the repair costs, maintaining a used tractor is relatively cheap. When buying a tractor, you have to consider how big your plot of land is. Tractors are built with different acreages in mind, to find your ideal equipment, go for a tractor that can comfortably farm your track of land effectively at a low cost. To gauge a good price for a tractor, a buyer has to know its acreage capacity to decide whether it is a good bargain.

The Price of a Tractor

Older models tend to be cheaper as manufacturers try to phase them out of production. These older models were mostly mechanical with little technological parts attached to them. Their hardy nature made these old models sell at a cheaper price when compared with a recent model. The recent models come loaded with gadgets and smart technology meant to improve on efficiency. Some advanced models are unmanned and rely on GPS coordinates to find their way around a farm. A buyer has to pick the most ideal option between older or newer tractors.

When choosing a tractor, a manufacturer has a role to play in the final cost. Some manufacturers such as John Deere focus their attention on delivering a tech-savvy farm tractor. The result is usually an effective tractor with a huge price tag to it. A different manufacturer such as Massey Ferguson is more focused on a simple quality tractor that runs for long. Depending on whom you choose to buy your tractor from, there will be a difference in pricing. A simpler tractor will come at a cheaper cost but at the expense of limited functionality and performance.

For a person looking to buy a small tractor for use around a garden or in a farm setting, it will cost you $6000 to $10000. You have to factor in an extra cost of about $3000 to $4000 for buying the attachments. While a tractor is the powerful piece of equipment responsible for the actual tugging, you need an assortment of attachment options to improve on your tractor’s functionality. Depending on how diverse its usage will be, a person can buy a range of attachment options to improve on utility. For a mid-sized tractor capable of performing heavier tasks, its price range is anywhere between $30000 to $60000. These bigger tractors are better suited for commercial farming and industrial use.

Industrial tractors require bigger power and cost an average of $55000 for cheaper makes while the high-end makes will go for close to $70000. These large tractors bring a power level of around 100hp which is a huge power for a rather massive piece of machinery. They make up for the huge cost with their economic utility. The biggest of tractors are more expensive than most supercars, they pack a power limit of around 150hp. These massive tractors, range between $70000 to $120000 and are the most expensive.