John Deere The Tractor Maker

John Deere The Tractor MakerJohn Deere The Tractor Maker

John Deere The Tractor Maker

John Deere stands as the most sought out tractor in the United Kingdom. The tractor maker enjoys a rich history in production of agricultural machine. Farmers trust the John Deere brand because of the many years this company has been in manufacturing of farm tools. The history of a company heavily influences how a target audience will view a certain company. This long history of efficiency and delivery has grown a loyal following of customers who find the brand to be a reliable partner. Newer brands have to establish their dominance by proving their ability to deliver, John Deere stands as a proven brand.

The company has built its popularity

The company has built its popularity from its humane approach when dealing with farmers. During the great depression, many farmers had taken out loans to buy farming supplies including tractors. The anticipated return was never realized due to the tough financial situation making it hard for farmers to service their loans. While their competitors sought to repossess the tractors they had sold due to unpaid loans, John Deere took a different approach. The tractor maker issued an assurance to their customers that they could make their payments whenever their returns from farming resumed an uptrend. By showing trust and faith in their customers, John Deere has retained generations of farmers.

Customers trust John Dere as a

Customers trust John Deere as a tractor maker due to how much research goes into ensuring users are safe while operating this heavy machinery. Safety is a key concern for the company, this was proven when John Deere gave off proprietary information to their competitors on how to make a reliable rollover protection system. In a capitalistic society, it doesn’t make financial sense to give out such valuable information for free after pumping resources into research. The manufacturer stands out from other competitors due to this attention to safety and protection of users, it is a rare case of corporate responsibility at its peak.

John Deere The Tractor Maker

As a manufacturer of heavy machinery John Dere offer value for your investment. Tractors tend to be expensive due to their expansive nature and the cost implication of assembling them. Although their tractors are not cheaper than the other tractors in the market, the manufacturer offers unrivalled quality. This means that a farmer will be getting value for his money as the tractors will give service for a long period. Buying cheap tractors is a costly mistake due to the high maintenance cost that comes with frequent breakdown.

As a dominant market player, John Deere can offer their customers the assurance that there will always be a stability in the cost of purchasing their tractors. While newer tractor makers are stuck in a business environment they are trying to adjust to, John Deere is a more seasoned player. With years of experience, the tractor maker has learned how to cut down on cost. This has created a standard cost that experiences minimal changes. The manufacturer has sold tractors for the same amount of money as they were a few years ago. Despite the cost of living going up, the tractor maker is trying to offer their loyal buyers the same product at the price they are used to.

Dealers of John Deere products are held to very high values by the manufacturer. Quality is never compromised while making or repairing these tractors to ensure maximum performance. When farming, you are working around a fixed budget, you need a quality tractor that you can rely on. John Deere offers the buyers a reliable product that will not wear off easily. The cost of maintenance on a John Deere tractor is minimal due to its tough nature.

Specialized repairs are available for all tractors sold on warranty, this gives an assurance that the tractor builder will replace all faulty equipment bought from their dealerships. When buying an expensive asset, buyers are looking for an assurance that they will get value for their money. John Deere gives out warrants for all genuine purchases bought from their dealers. Working with a John Deere tractor offers the assurance of easy access to spare parts and professional servicing in the instance the tractor breaks down. The tractor builder has a vast network of service stations and dealers making it easy to access these spare parts under 24 hours.